Society – Major issue : The STROLLER !

Let’s talk about something serious: choosing THE stroller !

The stroller is not just another accessory you must have to be a good parent. No, it’s so much more than that ! Moms look at your stroller just as Dads look at their colleagues’ car; it carries a message on who you are !

There are a huge amount of strollers, with different colors, different shapes, different accessories etc… Some are affordable, most are extremely expensive ! The thing is, the French mom KNOWS the price of EVERY SINGLE STROLLER ON THE MARKET ! And when you are out with your baby on your stroller, you better have a good one, because before even looking at your kid, his/her clothes, YOUR clothes etc… the other moms look at your stroller first and then see if you’re worth talking to or not. That’s serious ! I’m not that judgmental, but I admit I have the reflex of looking at the stroller of other moms, that’s in our veins, our nature of French moms ! You can’t struggle against that…

Could you imagine a minute. You are pregnant (cause of course you’ll want to buy your stroller before your baby’s birth, that’s a fact, the stroller embodies maternity), you are with hubby on the alley of the store, in front of at least 30 different strollers. I can assure you that it’s as serious as buying a house. I mean, you’re like:

‘Damn! Look at this one Babe, it’s so huge, how will I ever put it on the trunk?’

Hubby (bored – not because he’s not interested in strollers, MEN LOVE STROLLERS, he’s bored because you’ve been there for 3 hours now): So, why are you trying it?

Me : ‘Cause Kate Middleton’s got the same ! (Yep, this one… – The French mom worship Kate, that’s a fact)

Hubby: As you said, it doesn’t fit on the trunk. It doesn’t even fit on the elevator, and it’s way too expensive for what it is…

Me: You don’t know anything about strollers, leave me alone ! That’s not a problem of fitting, it’s a matter of style !

photo1-maclaren-techno-xlr-neuve-1-1xbx3x0w1470140Anyway, after hours of deliberations and after trying every single stroller, we’ve decided to buy the classic one, the timeless, the eternal MacLaren Techno XLR! This stroller is basically the favorite French mom stroller (50% of French moms got it). As I said, that’s a classic ! Less expensive than high tech ones, but you won’tbe rejected if you got one cause it’s still more expensive than most of strollers. What’s more, I mean, MacLaren ! Men love MacLaren because the majority of them won’t have a Maclaren car, so having a MacLaren stroller is a sort of compensation !


I’ve never been snubbed because of this stroller, but I saw the difference the day I had to buy another one, way less expensive, when I was in vacation and that we forgot the MacLaren. Well, we didn’t actually forgot it, the thing is, going on holidays with a four months baby involves having A LOT OF STUFF, and we had to make a choice, the diapers/bottles/bags/folding crib/UV-block tent… and the stroller. So, we’ve left the stroller, thinking the baby carrier would be enough (I swear it was not). So, we’ve bought a cheap stroller, that we would get rid of when we come back home. Moms were looking at the stroller, and this time, they were acting like we were beggars! So disdainful and all!

So, don’t be astonished, that’s the way it is in France. You better choose a good stroller, that’s as important as having a pretty car, or a good baby carrier (but that’s another story…)






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