Baby Look – Summer = Bloomer

Summer’s (almost) here. The temperature is extremely high, and I’ve got no CA in my apartment and no bathtub (so, no cold bath), just a shower. The eldest is at school, hope she’s gonna be fine there. But what matters now is my 3 months old baby girl, who is sweaty !

You can’t just leave your baby in a diaper (off course you can, when you don’t have to go out, or no guests coming). The problem is, I’ve got to go to school to bring my eldest home. I live in the same street as the school, I walk 2 minutes and here I am ! BUT, it’s a kind of bourgeois private school. Here, moms can’t go with their kids without wearing 1) make-up 2) decent clothes 3) external signs of wealth. So, it’s not even conceivable to come here, with my almost naked baby girl, only wearing her organic diapers (even though they are extremely cool).

So, here is the mission : finding something comfortable, refreshing and extremely elegant. And the solution is … the BLOOMER !

I guess there’s nothing cutter than a bloomer for babies. There are two sorts of bloomers:

The first one : the pretty one, the posh one. The bloomer you can find at Jacadi (I’m in love with this brand). That’s definitely the cutest thing ever for the French baby.

Look at these details, that’s extremely cute ! This is exactly what you baby can wear when the temperature is unbearable. The fabric is poplin, legs, arms, shoulders are not covered. Baby can move easily, doesn’t suffer from the heat and is elegant. Every mom loves bloomers, you can only get compliments dressing your baby like that ! I mean, look at those bows !

The second kind of bloomer is more practical. The shape is more simple, no bows, the colors are less classical. These are the boomers you may want your baby to wear if you need to drive for a long time, or if you stay home. I prefer those made of organic coton, the fabric creased less and is soft. They are comfortable and easy to put on. I recommend them when you go to the doctor, you can easily undress and dress baby.

I got mine at Cyrillus, another brand that I love to dress my baby, very chic.

There’s no need to hesitate, the bloomer is a must-have. The bloomer is a clothe for girls and boys. And that’s a specific baby clothe. So, you may put a dress on your baby girl when the temperature’s high, I also do it. But she will continue to wear dresses when she grow up. As I said, the bloomer is a baby stuff, and these little cupcakes grow up so fast, you better enjoy bloomers before it’s too late !



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