French Mom Style – I just gave birth, what am I gonna wear?

There she is ! Our sweet little girl, finally. She’s in our arms, you’re delighted, exited and exhausted at the same time. Then I went back to your hospital room. When I could get up, I went to the bathroom to take a shower. That’s when I got the shock. I look at my body in the mirror and I cried. I cried because I couldn’t realize how deformed it was. Now that the baby was out, there was no justification for that shape.

I knew that I’d lost pounds days after delivery. I’ve lost 24lb in one week. The thing is, my body was still a mess, cause there was 46lb to lose. I realized that it would take a long time before I could wear my clothes. Even my dresses didn’t fit. I felt depressed, cause the only things that I could wear were pregnancy clothes.

So, I had two options. Still wearing the clothes I have worn during my pregnancy and being depressed since I wore the same things for 9 months. Or, what I advise you to do, buying new clothes.

It’s weird at the beginning. You’re like “That’s depressing, I’m buying pregnancy clothes, that’s not what I am supposed to do…” But if you’re like me, that you are not among the happy few who can go back to their clothes just after giving birth, you must do something. Because you’ve got a newborn, you are tired, you need some sleep, you feel ugly, you’re on your nerves… Feeling beautiful helps, it really does. You don’t want to be careless about the way you look, cause you are a mom, yes, but you are a woman first. You don’t want to feel ugly, you want to feel good. There’s nothing more heartwarming that compliments such as “You’re looking great ! And you just gave birth! That’s amazing!”. Even if it’s a storm inside, feeling beautiful really helps to feel better.

So, what am I gonna wear? There are so many pregnancy clothes, you must be careful. These are made to highlight your baby bump. There are a lot of shapes, colors etc… What you need are basics, but stylish ones. Let me show you my basics for the 3 first months.

1 – Pretty dresses

There’s no need to have a lot, yet, dresses are more practical and elegant. They are the best choice when, like me, you still got fat on the hips/butt/thigh. You may hide everything with dresses, while it’s more difficult with jeans.

You must be careful though. Don’t think you can wear all type of pregnancy dresses. Some of them would be pretty on you pregnant while it won’t if you’re not. I do recommend you to chose dresses that are loose in order to hide areas that you may want to hide, but not too loose, it must remain elegant. The main goal is that you should not look like you’re wearing pregnancy clothes.


Capture d_écran 2017-06-03 à 11.12.00If you wear dresses that are too tight, people will think you are pregnant, since your body did not recover. You still have a belly shape that people may mistake for a baby bump. And that’s what you don’t want! What’s more, your belly is not the only thing exposed when you wear such dresses, your butt and your thighs are too. When you’re standing on your feet, it’s disgraceful and it’s worst than ever when you sit.

So, I think wearing those kind of tight dresses is not a good idea, more specifically if you’re not confident with your body right after you gave birth.


Do not think you should take shapeless dresses too. You don’t want to look like you wear your curtains ! Don’t hesitate to choose pretty fabrics and dresses with nice details (I love dresses with a pretty collar, that’s simple but stylish). You don’t have to wear colors that are said to slim you down, play with colors (but watch out, you don’t want to look like a parrot, so it must remain harmonious) !


2) A good pair of jeans

You don’t need to have a lot, a good pair is enough. Now, the brands have a lot of choice, a lot of shapes. Take one who feel good in it, but I advise you to take one with an elastic strip, and not a big one like this (not practical) =>Capture d_écran 2017-06-03 à 11.33.51


It is uncomfortable and you can see it through your top/shirt etc… You really do look like you’re pregnant with that ! It was a mistake I made, people do congratulate you for your pregnancy, I was mortified… So I tell you, be careful with those.

I do not recommend leggings. You may wear them at home, but it’s not a thing we do wear here. It makes your look sloppy.


3. Tops

Same thing as dresses. Not too loose, not too tight and elegant. Practical and that you can wear with your pair of jeans. Things that hide what needs to be hidden and that don’t swell your body.

Capture d_écran 2017-06-03 à 11.41.48Avoid clothes that are obvious pregnancy clothes. They are not elegant at all. You don’t want to look like a clown, so forget it ! Don’t forget that the goal is to look like you’re wearing everyday life clothes. Choose colors carefully!


You don’t want to look like a clown, be careful !




My two favorite brands are Seraphine and Envie de Fraise, but you can find similar items everywhere. Keep in mind that it’s not a matter of brand, but shape, style and colors.

I guess that’s a good start. You don’t have to worry, it’s not a permanent state. But getting dressed is difficult when you just gave birth, that’s why you must get a transition look in order to look stylish during this period.



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