Society – Is it true that French Kids don’t eat candies?

French kids NEVER eat candies ! They only eat organic vegetables and fruits!

The Perfect French Kid Diet is a LEGEND. French kids obviously eat candies, they eat A LOT OF CANDIES, but also ice creams, chocolate, cakes etc… They do eat fruits, but not all the time. I don’t know why foreign people think that we do not give candies to our kids. I guess the confusion may come from the fact that we don’t want them to eat candies whenever they want to. French kids in general do eat candies during birthday parties, at the cinema, sometimes at home, but not every day. We do control their candy consumption, because

  1. We don’t want them to be fat
  2. We don’t want to be ruined because of dental bills
  3. We want to eat candies too. The less they eat, the more we got.


Of course there are parents who forbid their kids to eat candies, but they are a minority. Most of us accept that they eat sweets, but whenever we want them to.

So, what’s our secret? Because we know how kids love candies, how annoying they can be when they want something and you refuse.

Anticipation. Why? Because everything’s easier when kids are used to it since they were babies. Every parent knows that shopping can be hard with a kid screaming in the alleys because he wants a toy/candies/chocolate … So, you must give your kid a good habit right from the start. Do it since they are babies ! When you are at the supermarket, take your kid to the candy part, but you do not stop. You cross it and you take nothing. When your kid is able to talk and he’s asking you to buy some, just say no and keep moving. Never buy candies with your kid! That’s the secret. You buy them when you’re alone. If you buy candies with them, they’ll know that you can do it. So they will beg for candies EVERY TIME you’ll go shopping ! And the best thing to do when they are older and you think they are wild is to tell them before you enter the store “I won’t buy candies today, okay? So there’s no need to make a fuss.” And stick to what you say! If you are not consistent with what you just said, it will be a disaster !

Then, there are two strategies.

  1. Hiding (the classic one) :When you go home, you put them in the highest closet. You give them candies when you want to. You are the one who decide. So, your kids know that sometimes you can give them candies, that it’s your choice, not theirs. And if they don’t know where they are, they can’t take them !
  2. Putting the candies in a lovely candy box (for the resilient one). The kids will see the candies every day! They know where they are, they could easily take them. But you’ve told them that you are in charge of the candy box. You are the MASTER of the candy box. It means they cannot eat candies without your permission. They may be tempted to take some when you’re not around. Warn them, telling them that you’ll see that there are less candies than before. The trust will be broken then. And no more candies. That technique make the kids responsible, and because they’ll see them every day, they won’t pay attention anymore. I did it with my eldest. There are candies everywhere, in the candy box, in the kitchen etc… She doesn’t even ask. I do give her some from time to time and she’s satisfied.


It requires time, patience and nerves. But you can easily make your kid less dependent on sugar !!!





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