Parenting – “Bonjour, merci, au revoir”

Bonjour ! French parents are said to be uncompromising on politeness. This is an understatement. Politeness is probably the first thing we want to teach to our kids.  First baby words : Maman, Papa, Merci. There's no other options. So, from a foreigner's point of view, we might seems to be too strict, inflexible. That's … Continue reading Parenting – “Bonjour, merci, au revoir”


Society – ‘Liberté, égalité etc…’ On the inequality between French moms and French dads

3 days + 11 days. That's it. If there was a REAL and EFFECTIVE equality between men and women, dads would benefit from a paternal leave, paid as it is for moms. But it's not the case. And that's not fair. Nowadays, dads are implied in their kids education. They change diapers, they woke up at night to give the milk bottle, they support their wife. Why dads can't stay home with their family? Who has decided that dads don't need to spend time with their newborn because it's a mom attitude? That is unfair.

Society – The French Mom, Myth or Reality?

So, all the French moms are not as perfect as they are presented in the books. However, the majority of us try our best to raise kids that would fit in our society. And the French society can be extremely cruel. I guess that's the reason why we are under pressure and that we do everything we could in order to have the most perfect kids ever (or at least, not to be ashamed by their attitude in public!).